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Client Centered

No financial plan is complete without a thorough analysis of your need to protect your family's financial future.

At Sherpa Wealth Strategies, we will assess your current risks and recommend appropriate options. A few of the common scenarios are:

  • Helping young families secure term life insurance to provide the most protection for the least amount of money
  • Helping business owners and highly-compensated executives create large life insurance cash values they can access tax-free in retirement
  • Helping high net worth families, especially those with large illiquid assets like ranches or closely-held businesses, purchase enough permanent life insurance to provide cash to pay estate taxes or keep a business afloat after the death of the founder
  • Helping business partners properly fund buy-sell agreements
  • Helping business owners protect against the death of a key employee
  • Helping professionals protect their largest asset, the ability to turn their advanced educations into a high income for their families, should they become disabled
  • Helping Baby Boomers plan for long-term care expenses for themselves or their loved ones
  • Helping retirees create insured streams of income with annuities
  • Helping parents plan for the care of a special needs child after they are gone
  • Referring clients to professionals who can help them optimize their property-casualty coverage
  • Referring clients to professionals who can help them secure adequate health insurance or Medicare supplemental insurance

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